The Whole World is Our Playground

I Never Feel Quite Prepared

Captain of the SS Panvi
are you talking to me?
Average college student trying to find her niche in the world. Terribly boring and cliché story.

“People? They usually ask only stupid questions, forcing you to reply with equally stupid answers. For instance, they ask you what you do, not what you would have liked to do. They ask you what you own, not what you’ve lost. They ask about the woman you married, not about the one you love. About your name, but not if it suits you. They ask your age, but not how well you’ve lived those years. They ask about the city you live in, not about the city that lives in you. And they ask if you pray, not if you fear God. So I’ve gotten used to answering these questions with silence. You know, when we shut up, we force others to reconsider their mistakes” - Choas of the Senses
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